How to activate WOBBLY windows in Linux Mint Cinnamon 19

I have always loved Compiz effects especially WOBBLY windows.

Let me show you how to activate this on your Linux Mint cinnamon installation, as by default it does not work properly.

First of all you need to download an extension called "Wobby Windows" so serach for "Extension" and click on Download


Once you have it, you'll need to open your Terminal and edit the file called /etc/environment - as sudo - and insert this line:



Now you can go back to your extensions and activate WOBBLY Windows by clicking on Manage and the "+" sign on the bottom of the window.


And here we go, you should be able to move around your wobbly windows without any issues like shadows, redraws etc.


Vivaldi asking for keyring password in Linux? Here is how to fix it! (same fix applies to google chrome)

To fix the Keyring issue for Vivaldi (same for Google Chrome)

Add this to the end of the command line in your launcher :



How to fix Linux Mint / Ubuntu desktop after uninstalling Komorebi video wallpaper

If you experience issues with your desktop after you have removed your komorebi installation, run this command in the terminal :

 gsettings set org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons true

This command will enable you to right click on the desktop and also restore your missing icons as well.


Screen flickering when using Vivaldi browser? Let's fix it!

Lets fix screen flickering issues in Vivaldi under Linux.


Launch your Vivaldi browser, then

click on Tools/Settings/Appearance
tick a box for "Use Native Window"


Restart your browser.

This has been tested under Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3