How to install Cisco Packet Tracer 7 in Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Ready to learn about Cisco ? Let me show you how to install Packet Tracer in Linux.

Cisco Packet Tracer is an awesome and free application where you can simulate Cisco networking environment without a need of a physical network infrastructure.

First you need to download the latest version from the netacad website by clicking on the link below, and following the instructions.

You will need to register and enroll (all for free) before you can download Packet Tracer

At this time the latest version is 7.1.1, the file I've downloaded is : Packet Tracer 7.1.1 for Linux 64bit.tar.gz

Create a temp folder within you Download directory, let's call it ptracer ( /home/yourprofile/Downloads/ptracer/

Copy the tar.gz file into this folder and extract it.

Make sure the file "install" is executable (chmod +x install - in case it's not) and run it either from your terminal :  sudo bash install or by double clicking on it and run it from terminal.

You will be greeted by the installation message, press Enter

"Welcome to Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1.1 Installation

Read the following End User License Agreement "EULA" carefully. You must accept the terms of this EULA to install and use Cisco Packet Tracer.
Press the Enter key to read the EULA."

After reading the EULA, accept it by typing Y

The next step will ask you if you're happy to install it into /opt/pt

"Enter location to install Cisco Packet Tracer or press enter for default [/opt/pt]:"

press Enter here and your installation should complete ( you can create symbolic link here if you want just accept the defaults.)

To create a desktop icon (demonstrating it on Cinnamon) right click on your desktop, "Create new launcer", you can set the name to anything, in my case it's "Cisco Packet Tracer", command should point to /opt/pt/packettracer



Once your icon is created, launch it, log in with your Cisco registration and enjoy.